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Some teams don’t have the time and internal expertise to be able to execute on marketing and growth quickly.

Let us help you grow faster and more holistically. 

We’ll help you discover your key avenues for growth, and will help implement best practices from across growth and marketing perspectives to build your growth loops. 

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What we do

With a variety of expertise across the team, Velocity Growth covers a widebreath of marketing and product areas. When you become a client, we will work together to put together the package that suits you and adapts over time based on your needs. Here are some of the core areas we can help your business with.

Customer Acquisition

Paid Acquisition

Whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter, Velocity Growth’s award-winning paid acquisition strategists can put you on the path to higher conversions and lower CPC’s.

Content Creation

Whether it’s podcast editing, graphics for your Instagram or email copywriting, with Velocity Growth you get access to a team of content creators across various mediums to serve as your one stop shop for content.

Social Media Distribution

A consistent schedule of posting across social media accounts for your business is the best way to increase your awareness. Let Velocity Growth handle your social media schedule so you can focus on your business.

Landing Pages

Driving traffic to your site won’t reap rewards unless your pages are set up to drive conversions. Velocity Growth can help at every step, whether it’s an audit, mockup or full build so your conversions go up, without sacrificing your brand.


Whether it’s podcast editing, graphics for your Instagram or email copywriting, with Velocity Growth you get access to a team of content creators across various mediums to serve as your one stop shop for content.



Subscription vs Transactional, value-based or unit economics, deciding on a pricing strategy can be tough. However, getting your strategy, pricepoint and potential discount strategy correct can make the difference between highly profitable or struggling for customers. Velocity Growth can help you develop the metrics and experiments needed to find your pricing sweet spot.


Onboarding customers successfully into your product or service is one of the biggest ways to impact their long term retention. Is it too long or too short, is it easy for customers to use or easy to fall off? With an onboarding audit or experimentation process, let Velocity Growth help you get customers into your offering and excited to stick around.


It’s rare to get your customers to buy on their first, second, or even third visit to your site. Messaging allows you to build that one-to-one connection with your potential customer, show your value and make more sales. Whether it’s an email audit, best practices for in-app messaging, or how to add SMS into your mix, make your messaging work for you.


Experimentation is the lifeblood of any startup. Your speed to learning will increase your speed to growth. Velocity Growth can help you set up or own your experimentation set up, from stack ranked ideas based on impact to full implementation and design where the goal is to learn fast.

Retention Analysis

Are your customers sticking around and coming back? Can you tell if your product or marketing changes are actually helping to keep users? Velocity Growth’s retention audit takes detailed look at your customer cohorts to see what their lifetime looks like, where inflection points are happening and what improvements can be made.


Growth Modeling

A growth model will help you clearly see what your growth goals are, give you the information you need to inform business decisions, break down headline growth goals into manageable weekly growth tasks, and more. We’ve helped 10’s of companies build their growth models and our template is used by the LAUNCH accelerator for all participants.

Pitchdeck Feedback

Raising money is one of the toughest parts of startup growth so don’t leave your pitch deck to chance. We’ll walk through every detail in your pitch deck, adding notes, questions, and comments based on our years of experience fundraising and being part of fund from seed round up to Series A and B.

Executive Coaching

Leadership in startups can be a very lonely role but it is so important to be in the right headspace with a sounding board for you to achieve success. With our certified executive coach, break down your goals, achieve your personal and professional development, and get the independent voice you need to ensure your business succeeds. 

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We recently started working with Growth University, and within 2 weeks saw our lead ratio increase by close to 400% and our cost per conversion drop 80%. Their approach to growth via experimentation is already making a huge impact on our business.

Dane Mauland

CEO, Improovy

I wish I had these sessions when we first launched the company (we’ve had to figure a lot of this stuff on our own)…it’s all been a positive experience. Training ourselves to look at & analyze performance data that we weren’t thinking about prior re: Churn, CAC and LTV, Retention ratios, this is the good stuff

Shane Bernstein


Growth University helped us SAVE TIME and TRACK THE RIGHT METRICS at Postcard. We picked up signals and made a critical pivot (within weeks).

Amit Jaipuria


How we work

What sets us apart from typical agencies is that we are building, marketing and growing Velocity and other projects, independent of the agency. This keeps us firmly in the headspace of scrappy startups so we give you honest and practical feedback, without the fluff.