Building Landing Pages That Convert – Essential Elements

Amazing landing pages are one of the best “hacks” to driving more conversions, yet they are often overlooked for more direct marketing tactics.

I think this needs to change.


– It turns out, landing pages DIRECTLY impact paid spend
– They greatly can shift conversion rates to a deeper stage of the user/buyer journey
– They provide much needed context to visitors
– They can easily be personalized to match the intent of your buyer

Overall, they are a huge element of maximizing conversion rates from visit to onboarding and beyond.

There is a ton to unpack here.

I recently did a presentation with Founder University by LAUNCH titled “Landing Pages That Convert – Essential Elements.”

In the presentation I walked through:

– What is a landing page & when are they used?
– Anatomy of an amazing landing page
– Common gotchas with landing pages
– How landing pages save you $$$$$!
– Tools, etc.

The full presentation is below – hope you enjoy the content – reach out with any questions!

Landing Pages That Convert – Essential Elements





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