What is the course all about?

This course is all about activating & scaling cold email as an outbound marketing channel. 

Traditionally cold emailing was only used by sales reps to book meetings. However, over the past few years, this channel has become a critical part of any startup’s growth. 

This course will cover everything you need to know in order to launch a successful cold email campaign (including strategy & copywriting) and it will walk you through the technical setup required. 

What will I learn from this? 

Once you complete this course; you will have the know-how and skill to:

  • Find anyone’s email address and email them 
  • Build a list of prospects and do the respective outreach
  • Write cold email copy like a pro
  • Build a cold email engine that can scale up or down as needed
  • Book meetings with your ideal prospects

Key takeaway

You will understand how to properly cold email someone or a group of people & achieve a desired action.

Is this course for me? 

This course is ideal for:

  • Founders looking to generate leads and who want to learn how to outreach in a professional way
  • B2B Marketers who want to activate cold email as a valuable channel
  • Entrepreneurial individuals looking to validate their ideas by seeing who is interested & gaining that traction
  • Marketers who want to do user research & interviews to understand their audience/persona in a more in-depth way
  • Anyone starting in marketing & sales in a B2B startup  and who want to start generating meaningful and valuable leads 

Download the syllabus here!

Your program host

Ayhan K. Isaacs

Ayhan Isaacs is the Founder of Growth Rhino. A sales agency that works with SaaS companies to build scalable outbound engines. Growth Rhino has worked with over 25 venture-funded startups since Feb 2019. 

Previous to running the agency Ayhan worked as a BDR and Growth Lead at a number of different early-stage startups followed by some consulting.

He is certified in Conversion Optimization from CXL Institute, holds a Masters in Innovation Entrepreneurship from Ryerson University, and is an Alumni of Growth University!

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