Boost your business reach with Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads has a reputation of being one of the higher cost ad networks, making it tougher for startups to test in. Join paid acquisition expert, Jen Bryan as she walks you through how to set up, monitor, and run successfully LinkedIn Ad campaigns without breaking the bank.

What to expect

Our new format is designed to get you working on LinkedIn as fast as possible so each session is less than 5 minutes long. We’ll screen share working within the platforms so that you can follow along step by step, when you need to.

Across all lessons, you’ll learn;

  • How to set up your LinkedIn company page correctly
  • How to install your Insights Tag for LinkedIn
  • Conversion Tracking for LinkedIn
  • How to create the copy and creative needed for success
  • Segmenting and Campaign Structure
  • Developing your reporting frameworks to improve your campaigns

Plus a bonus session where Jen walks through from start to finish how to create Lead Gen ads on LinkedIn as well as a checklist that you can use within your team to ensure anyone can replicate the process

Your Host

Jen Bryan is an award winning paid acquisition specialist with an honours masters degree in Digital Marketing Strategies. Jen is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Launch Growth University as well as being a course creator and host. She has extensive experience working with start-ups on their paid acquisition both in an agency and in-house capacity. Working with companies across Ireland, UK and USA, Jen has helped companies leverage phenomenal growth both nationally and internationally through paid acquisition channels. 

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