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Module 1: How to build the perfect pitch deck
Craig lays out in detail each and every slide you’ll want to include, and provides the context that’ll help you determine what’s most important to focus on, and what you should leave out. He’ll also give you the exact pitch and format that Growth University used to raise over $900,000 in their Angel round in 2021. This step by step walk through will give you the foundation to build your own perfect pitch deck.
Module 2: Financial & Growth Modeling for Fundraising
You can’t strategically grow what you are not measuring. While most founders focus on the pitch, one of the key decision points for an investor when looking at a startup is the financial and revenue model. In this module, Craig will walk you through how to build a solid financial model, including a growth model that will help you quantify the numbers in your pitch. Included in this module is a spreadsheet template you can use to build your model from.
Module 3: How to Present a Financial & Growth Model
Building your financial model is a great step early in the fundraising process, but effectively pitching it is critical – especially as you get to 2nd and 3rd meetings with investors. In this module, Craig shows you how to present your financial model in a confident manner, using the model you built in the previous section. Potential questions you’ll get from investors: - Tell me how you make money - How did you determine your monthly growth rate? - What is industry average for churn for companies like yours? - How much does it cost to acquire a customer? - How do you know this?
Module 4: Building Strong Investor Relations
Fundraising for Startups
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