Open roles

Growth Lead

We’re hiring for an incredibly talented Growth Lead role to work directly with our high growth agency clients.

About Velocity Growth

Company Overview
Running startups and scaling companies is hard work. Most startups fail, mostly because of too small of a market, marketing or product challenges. If we can help fewer companies fail because of these factors, we’ll enhance the global ecosystem of startups.

To do this we need an amazing team and an amazing culture that supports helping this ecosystem thrive.

We’re on a mission to build the most impactful startup training company in the world. Our focus is on empowering founders to gain the strategies and frameworks they need to grow their companies.


Vision statement
Increasing the odds of success for startups globally, and to increase the percentage of startups that succeed. We do this by empowering founders to build more successful companies through our content, training, products, and support.


Mission statement
Growth University provides founders the frameworks & strategies they need to grow their startups & get to scale. We help increase the odds of success.


Company core values
We intend to hire the most talented people globally to help us along our mission. We value trust, respect, inclusion, curiosity, and a passion for greatness in all that we do. We’re a performance first company and look for entrepreneurial employees who take ownership of their work.


We trust that our employees have the best interest of the company in mind at all times. As such, we will provide a foundation upon which we can all grow as team members and contributors. We don’t track time, we won’t question your decisions, we don’t care when or where you work from, and we won’t micro-manage you so long as there is mutual trust.


While we don’t need to (nor would want to) agree on everything, we agree to respectfully disagree with one another. Friendly arguments and passionate debates are essential for success. But being dismissive, defensive, or overly aggressive and disrespectful won’t be tolerated.


We strive to build a company made up of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and work styles. We will work to embrace all perspectives so that we collectively can build the best possible version of ourselves and the company.


We can all learn from young children and their innate sense of curiosity. We hire for potential as much as experience, and we believe our ideal environment is one where intellectual curiosity is pushed on each day. We value learning as we go, and embrace situations where we fail and learn from that failure.


Performance is valued over hours spent on tasks, and we hate busy work. We expect greatness from all team members. We expect you to challenge yourself, your team, and the company to achieve greatness.


Remote first culture
We believe in the power of autonomous, remote based work. This provides the ultimate flexibility for our team members to decide when and where to work from. We realize that not everybody wants to work from home or doesn’t have the setup or space needed at home to be productive, so we’ll provide a monthly or annual stipend to help with accommodating the needs of our team.