Business transformation. Execution focused.

We are a passionate team with one goal. Growing companies.

Who we are

Velocity Growth’s purpose is to work with select growth companies and entrepreneurs to break logjams, speed commercialization, and maximize goal achievement. Whether for a product launch, a company pivot, new go to market strategies, or for a brutally honest external perspective, Velocity Growth provides tools, talent, technologies and execution focused roadmaps. Led by a team with decades of experience developing bold and innovative strategies, launching products, and growing companies large and small, we look to build lasting partnerships and enduring results.

What we do

Velocity Growth offers companies a depth of knowledge and skills across a critical array of business execution tasks. Strategy? Check. Roadmap and Schedule delineation and corporate sanity check? Check! Cloud service and application dev resources? Check. Full service social media and communications execution? Check. Turn-key Rewards Crowdfunding pre-launch to post-campaign partnering? Check! We’ve experienced that companies, large and small, can get ‘wrapped around the axel’, and lose focus on driving towards what we see as intrinsic to a business success---products launched, real customers, and real partners.

Who we work with

Velocity Growth is not for everyone. We are choosy with our partner selection, and we expect our potential Company partners to be just as selective in their evaluation of us. Our flexible business model allows us to work with Companies in ways that they have not experienced...we will put ourselves on the firing line with you, and we structure engagements where our partners and our interests are highly aligned. We work quickly, and we have a point of view...with a depth of experience to back it up.

Why work with us

With Velocity Growth, Companies get to work with a unique team. Jeff Belk has spent 30 plus years building technology brands and companies, including guiding Qualcomm Incorporated’s global Marketing and Strategy from when Qualcomm was a $200M company onwards. Josh Baylin who began as a Bloomberg tech reporter, then Wall Street Trader, and developer extraordinaire (with analytics focus). And Andy Abramson, globally recognized Strategist and Communicator, has worked with companies ranging from the Philadelphia Flyers to dozens of successful tech startups. And collectively we leverage team members from a deep global rolodex garnered from 100+ years of experience driving companies--- all with a focus on increasing the Velocity of Growth!

Who we work with

University of California San Diego
Wireless Life Sciences Alliance

Our team

Jeff Belk
Chairman and Founder

With over 30 years of Technology Company experience, Jeff served in several executive positions during more than 14 years at Qualcomm, including Senior Vice President, Strategy and Market Development, as well as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. He initiated Qualcomm’s global branding, taking over marketing when it was a team of 6 people in 1995, and building the global marketing organization and brand that it is today. Prior to Qualcomm, he spent 12 years in sales, marketing, and product management in several high-growth tech companies...both Apps and Hardware, and companies large and small. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Interdigital Corporation (NASDAQ: IDCC), and San Diego-based Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSMI), The Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, and the UC San Diego Alumni Association. He also is on the advisory board of CommNexus, a leading San Diego technology trade organization. Jeff has made a broad range of angel investments and serves as an adviser to a number of privately held companies.

Josh Baylin

Josh is a former Bloomberg technology reporter and financial professional turned developer and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Velocity Kick, the first set of crowdfunding analytics tools aimed at improved audience and message management. Most recently, Josh led a financial data consulting and trading business, Visual Systems Research Group and VSRG Capital. Previously Josh worked as a portfolio manager at SAC Capital Advisors, LLC in Greenwich, Conn., managing technology investments. Prior to that, he held the role of Associate Analyst at Legg Mason Equity Research covering the wireless and technology sectors.

Andy Abramson
Chief Strategy Officer

Andy is the Chief Strategy Officer of Velocity Growth, where he leads marketing, communications, along with business and eco-system development. He is also CEO and founder of Comunicano, Inc., a Del Mar-based value creation communications agency that has been supporting startups, early stage and high-growth companies globally since 1992 including over 30 which have either been acquired or gone public in the USA, UK and Europe. Previously Andy held management positions with The Upper Deck Company and Foote Cone Belding/Impact as well as executive positions with three professional sports team, The Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Wings starting in 1974.